Ever just walk into your home and everything feels outdated and boring but where to start is overwhelming and you don’t want to spend a fortune? We know how you feel and with just having entered the new year what a good way to implement something fresh #newyearnewhome!

– Get inspired
Browse Pinterest, Instagram, Youtube, friends, everything for creative and new ideas and designs, not to say you should follow it exactly but it may be helpful in guiding you into a certain décor direction

– Go DIY
Get creative, get personal and put a piece of you into the aesthetic of your home. It doesn’t have to be an intricate painting, it could be a terrarium, coasters, key holder, the list goes on!

– Face your fears
Get something you’ve always admired but have been too afraid to try. Like that bright yellow rug your neighbour has, or that giant oversize lamp you saw on Pinterest, step out of your comfort zone!

– Find little ways to change it up regularly
This could mean buying flowers more often, getting a calendar or a small chalkboard for daily motivation and reminders. Finding a way to have something new to look at may be all you need to keep your home from feeling boring