You get a little lazy and cut corners from time to time, we get it! We’ve put together our favourite hacks for when we’re feeling a bit sluggish.

1). Do it the easy way
Pour some lukewarm soapy water into your blender and mix it up. Don’t worry about dismantling bits and pieces again.

2). Spray no-wipe cleaner on your shower walls every time you bath

3). Whenever you get up to go toilet or kitchen etc. take something that’s sitting around and put it where it belongs.
Just like killing two birds with one stone!

4). Put your dishwasher to good use
Chuck your kids toys in there to sanitize them

5). Utilize the tv ad breaks
Wipe the table, put the shoes away, fix up the books. Don’t underestimate that short ad time, you can get a lot done.

There you have it! Quick little tips to keep your home tidy and give you more time to enjoy your favourite show!
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